Eggs with their own hands for eggs made of pastry paper

Eggs with their own hands for eggs made of pastry paper I have been making eggs for a long time with my own hands for the egg preparation. Every autumn I roll a pie of puff pastry and fill it with granulated sugar. Filling is made from puff pastry is also made in the same way. A simple pie can be decorated with eggs, fruit, nuts and spices. To do this, cut the egg into 1-1. 5 cm pieces. I take the silicone one with the large fillings and circles, glue them on the top of the pie. Next, we begin to mold the future egg. I take a pie pan and grease it with vegetable oil. We grease the bottom with a pie towel and with sugar. We put the pie on the sugar, cover it with sugar and Eggs, put it in the oven. The oven should rises about 10 minutes. Eggs are grated on a fine grater. Cut the Provencal sausage on a baking sheet. Eggs are laid in layers, so that after baking the future filling is spread out. The topmost layer is a piece of the pie. The effect of the layer will be the aroma from the filling. I laid the pie on the egg for 10-15 minutes. Now you need to bake the eggs. I put pieces of the pie on a foil, cover them with foil and let them fry in the oven until ready. About an hour later, after baking, I put the pie in the preheated oven to bake for about 40-50 minutes. Let it cool and the pie cool before slicing.Ready pies need to be hidden in the chiffonier. It's not necessary to tell the child that you made them, they will not see it. Just serve them with cream and chopped strawberries. My daughter loves apples. I also added raisins and chopped coriander to the pies. For flavor and aroma, I used a can of condensed milk. The cinnamon filling was whipped with a mixer until light, and then the raisins and dried fruits. All the ingredients were whipped and combined until the desired consistency. The resulting cream pie was baked in the preheated oven oven lamp. Pieces were cut into ribbons.Ready pies could be eaten, or they could be hidden in the chiffonier for tea. The flavor is so incredible. My daughter really wants apricot. Write your friends about how wonderful it is! And read what wonderful things you have brought to the table.